Reprocessing of Waste Plastics

Recycled uPVC Window Profile Program

uPVC Window Profile Offcuts   Waste uPVC Window Profiles shredded for reprocessing  Waste uPVC Window Profiles recycled into BIPU chambers


Waste uPVC Window Profile Program for Victoria & Tasmania


Financial Dividends

Waste Disposal Costs for Window Fabricators................................. $13,500.00/year

Projected Value for Oakleigh Centre Industries .............................. $54,000.00/year

Environmental Dividends

Landfill Waste Reduction ................................................................... 45 tonne/225 m3

Envorinex™ an Australian owned and operated company is dedicated to providing innovative new and proven polymer products to national and international clients.

Envorinex™ manufacture products which are 100% virgin or a mix of virgin and recycled content or 100% recycled content.

Our team has over 116 years of polymer experience and is dedicated to customer service.  We are continually researching and developing environmentally responsible and recyclable products, each with a certified 'cradle-to-cradle' pathway.

Envorinex™ manufacture injection moulded components and extrude profile products across a broad range of industries for clients throughout the world.

Having a landfill waste factor of less than 0.5% and selectively using 100% recyclable virgin materials Envorinex™ has developed a range of innovative products from previously landfill bound rigid uPVC waste.

To cater for the projected demand growth in recycled material planned products Envorinex™ during 2009 researched the availability of recycled rigid uPVC waste packaging, pipes, etc through mainland recyclers but each trialled source failed to attain the Envorinex™ required quality.

In 2010 Envorinex™ identified an annual national waste stream of over 1,000m3 (700 tonnes) being sent to landfill of uPVC window frame fabricators' profile off-cuts at an indicative $110,000 per annum industry cost, which does not include the cost to society and nature.

Envorinex™ tested each of the profiles and found that only a few of these did not use lead stabilisation in the material formulation.

Therefore, 400 tonnes were excluded because of the lead stabiliser, leaving 300 tonnes of current waste spread from Perth to Brisbane to Hobart.

Due to the distance of shipping the hollow profile off-cuts from Perth, Adelaide, Sydney and Brisbane was not cost effective and though exhaustive efforts to obtain assistive funding failed, Envorinex™ initiated a program to collect from the Victorian and Tasmanian window fabricators at our own expense.

Due to the requirement of peeling the protective film from the off-cuts and the cost to freight the bulk off-cut volume to Tasmania, Envorinex™ selected the Oakleigh Centre Industries (Melbourne) to collect, peel, colour sort and granulate the waste material (using a granulator supplied by Envorinex™) prior to shipping the granulate to our Tasmanian factory for re-use.

Please visit our recycled products section to view a range of our newly designed products made from 'waste'.