PNG Program

In Papua New Guinea Envorinex is supplying BIPU™ flat-packed mini septic tank chambers for the provision of chemical free, low cost flushing sanitation into the most difficult of terrain. 

Throughout the world a lack of clean water and sanitation is the cause of major health issues; many villages, schools & medical centres have primitive toilet facilities usually located near their drinking water wells & with raw effluent leaching directly into rivers, impacting downstream villages or waters where they are fishing.

Envorinex offers the BIPU™ chambers with the provision of Qualified Instructors to go into these remote and difficult locations all over the world where they train the local men to install their own flushing sanitation so as they can obtain the knowledge and skill to assist the rest of their village people, schools, community buildings and medical centres.  The children in the schools are taught the basics of hygiene which all helps in the fight against the current world health issues.

BIPU™ is suitable for homes which are situated on the ground or over water in remote areas.

PNG Rmote Difficult Terrain

The BIPU™ is also ideal for homes which are built over tidal water where the village members swim & fish in these waters.

PNG low tide  PNG high tide

Envorinex was welcomed by the village elders and well cared for

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