Kapuna Hospital - PNG

Kapuna Village PNG

BIPU™ was provided into the Gulf Province of PNG for the Kapuna Hospital on the Warne River, 25 kilometres by boat from Baimuru and 350 kilimetres west of Port Moresby.  

The nearest airstrip is grass at Kikori, 75 kilometres by boat further west and is often closed due to weather conditions.

All travel is by boat, there are no roads or motor vehicles.

Supply of the BIPU™ had to be coordinated to meet the supply boats which usually arrive in May and October from Port Moresby.

Kapuna Hospital is a Community Health Worker training hospital with these students all living in onsite dormitories.

Kapuna Hospital is in the swamps of the Purari Delta with an annual rainfall of 300 inches/7.6 metres.

When the tides are very high the grounds are flooded, with normal high tides covering much of the area.

The water is normally fresh, though the very high tides are slightly salt.

During the initial fifty plus years the hospital had been there, toilets have been a continuing problem.

Kapuna - Warne River