Tube Tread™ 73 Warp

Tube Tread™ 73 Warp


Tube Tread™

73 Warp Heavyweight

Hollow tubes give an 'air cushion' effect, resulting in a reduction in user fatigue.

Tube Tread insulates against cold, damp, noise and electricity.

Easy to maintain, mostly you can just hose it down and put it straight back.

Tube Tread™ is supa-tough, the tubing is innovatively welded to cross-tubes, resulting in a space-age duckboard which has to be vandalized to tear it apart.

It is supa-resilient, fragile dropped items are less likely to break.

Tube Tread™ matting absorbs falls and has been tested by Garwood Laboratories Inc, California USA (Test Report No. R25664) to provide up to 93% impact absorption effectiveness when compared to Hipster Pads for the elderly in nursing homes.

Some 44% of falls occur on a level floor with the majority of injuries being to the hip and thigh body regions.

Tube Tread™ comes with the Envorinex™ 3 year manufacturer's warranty.

Tube Tread™ is easily installed around fixtures and can be cut with a pair of shears or stanley blade and straight edge.


Bars, Hotels, Cafeterias, Banks, Post Offices, Playgrounds, Supermarket Check-outs, Laundries, Clubs, Caravan Parks, Resorts, Swimming Pools, laboratories, Locker Rooms, Toll Collection and Parking Lot Booths, Health Centres, Beach Facilities, Boats, Workshops, Garages,Utes & 4WD's,Walkways, Showers, Saunas, Schools, Gyms, Power Stations, Hospitals, Barracks


Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Grey, Orange, Red


910mm x 6m roll

910mm x 12m roll

1200mmx 6m roll

1200mmx 12m roll


Material Weight = 3.75 kg/l/m

Shore Hardness = A63

Specific Gravity = 1.24

Tensile Strength = 139 kg/cm

100% Modulus Elongation = 53 kg/ccm

Elongation = 410%

Tear Strength = 37 kg/cm

Temperature Effect = Flexible from -10'C to +100'C

Flammability = This material does not support combustion, being self extinguishing on removal of flame.

Cutting = use shears or knife blade and straight edge

Joining = use joining blocks simply clip joining block to adjoining warps or cut back the warps and join the wefts.

Joining Block