Track Matting

Track Matting

Grippa Track Matting

The matting is a solid extruded profile of 100% recyclable flexible PVC heat welded into a duckboard configuration providing a long-lasting slip resistant capability for heavy use locations with the ability to naturally key into a surface material and allow vegetation growth as required.

Grippa Track Matting is impervious to all acids, alkalis, bleach, fats, grease, hydrocarbons, oils, sea water and is electrically insulating.

The ground surface foundation does not need to be smooth as Grippa Track simply lays to a cleared surface ensuring underfoot stability. 

Nominally the 7mm wide solid wefts are at 36mm centres and 'shark tooth' surface pattern warps at 30mm spacings with a mat height of 12mm.


Bush Walking Tracks

Sand Dune Tracks


Black - Brown - Blue - Gold - Green - Grey - Orange -Red


800mm wide x 12m long roll (nominal weight 32kg)

910mm wide x 12m long roll (nominal weight 37kg)


  • Shore Hardness = A75
  • Specific Gravity = 1.24
  • Tensile Strength = 139kg/cm
  • 100% Modulus Elongation = 53kg/cm
  • Elongation = 410%
  • Tear Strength = 37kg/cm
  • Temperature Effect = Flexible from - -10'C to +60'C
  • Flammability = This material does not support combustion, being self extinguishing on removal of flame
  • Cutting = use shears or knife blade and straight edge
  • Fixing to Ground = use mild steel reinforcing rod bent into a 'U' fixed over the wefts
  • Joining = Weft to weft or warp to warp use Joining saddles