Environment Statement

Our Environmental Philosophy

Envorinex™ strives to remain at the forefront of providing a ‘cradle to cradle’ material; an environmental and sustainable product.

While earlier environmental concerns concentrated upon emissions from production processes, it is also important to consider the whole life-cycle of the product.

Envorinex™ has very little waste; all our waste material is recycled back into the processing.

It is impossible to produce or use any natural material without affecting the environment in some form.  The use of any naturally occurring resource inevitably reduces the amount available to future generations, so conservation of resources is important.

The plastics industry is a small user of the world’s fossil fuel resources; production of the vast range of plastic products uses just 2% of the oil and natural gas consumed in Australia.  Approximately 95% of that oil and gas is consumed as heating and transport fuels, and irretrievable lost up the chimney of through the exhaust.

The plastics industry is an energy saver; the use of energy to manufacture many plastic products actually helps to conserve heating and transport fuels.  The annual saving in gasoline consumption due directly to the plastics light weighting of motor cars is greater than the energy consumed to manufacture those plastics components.  Additionally the components are made only once, whereas the fuel savings occur year after year for the life of the vehicles.

It is important to identify those materials which, throughout their ‘life-cycle’ have the least environmental impact, and are ‘sustainable’.

Envorinex™ have their own recycling division which provides a collection service for Tasmania, this waste is then recycled back into pellets and re-manufactured into new second life products which once again can be recycled at the end of their life.

Our focus at Envorinex™ is to ensure that all products leaving our factory can be returned at the end of their life for recycling.