Emergency Exit Matting

Emergency Exit Matting

Luminous Edge Matting


To provide 12 hour rated luminous Tube Tread™ edge warps for sale as 'Emergency Exit Pathway Matting'.

The 12 hour rated 'Emergency Green luminousity' (total decay period 120 hours) is for the purpose of guiding persons along safe walkways to emergency exits following an in premises lighting failure.


Envorinex extrude a clear flexible PVC tube of sufficient diameter to allow the 2mm or 4mm rod to be inserted along the 12 metre tube prior to welding in conjnction with normal coloured warps.

Other Uses

The profile skirting board can also be made to accept the 2mm luminous rod.

Envorinex can also make a flexible strip for insertion into concrete work for carparks and basements etc.

Please contact our sales department for further information.