Bowling Green Matting

Bowling Green Matting

Bowls Protector Matting


The matting material gives deadness to the bowl on impact, and unlike rubber conveyor belt material it creates no rebound effect. 

It also greatly enhances the appearance of the ditch surround.

Being easily cut to shape, the matting is supplied in rolls 245mm wide and 12m long.

The material is suited to long life exterior weather conditions and is very easy to maintain.

It is fixed to the side of the green as seen in the attached images.

Available Colours

Bowls Protector Ditch Liner Matting is available in green, black, blue, red, grey and brown


  1. Because players tend to step from the edge of the ditch wall onto the green the timber 'carrier' for the matting must be bolted back into the concrete face.
  2. The matting is horizontally staple fixed (galvanised fencing staples recommended) onto the timber face so as not to allow any droop.
  3. A cover strip is then fixed over the 'carrier' and matting to minimise the risk of any accidents.
  4. Treated timber is ideal to enhance the long life ability and negligible maintenance factor of the installation.

Bowling Green Matting Installation

Please contact our sales department for further information.