Providing expeditious, low cost flushing sanitation for humaitarian, emergency and refugee or community development programs.

An immediate response low cost, low tech, no chemical resolution to sanitation issues, especially for difficult or fractured urban terrain.

The failure of sanitation in a civil or military disrupted state is a serious health issue with the potential for drinking water contamination while any ponding of sewage effluent provides the potential for disease.

BIPU™ offer an immediate response mechanism without infrastructure, chemicals or technical demand.


  • BIPU™ are easily installed even in very high water table locations due to the use of flexible chamber liners and as required coupled with the simultaneous use of a Desludging pump to temporarily lower the trench water level.
  • BIPU™ are easily located to avoid in ground obstacles such as stumps and large rocks
  • BIPU™ can be easily installed by hand, thereby creating work with certified competency training for indigenous persons
  • BIPU™ are flat packed with a maximum weight of 15kg for ease of transportation into remote areas
  • BIPU™ can provide sanitation to large numbers of displaced persons in emergency camps
  • BIPU™ offer material and manpower resource savings during the initial emergency reliefe phase when the IDP camps are being established.
  • BIPU™ combined with flushing toilets have been used by the Australian Defence Force, New Zealand Defence Force and the UN in East Timor for troops and civilian personnel
  • BIPU™ were used in Banda Aceh immediately following the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami for displaced persons
  • BIPU™ are successfully used to replace 'long drop' toilets