Beehive Foundations

Beehive Foundations
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Stephen's Beehive Foundations

Injection moulded in food grade black polystyrene, the surface pattern of this ideal frame size beehive foundation is scientifically designed to provide a ready made form on which the bees immediately build new combs.

Being easily worked by bees, the foundation facilitates up to 25% production increase.

Nominally measuring 125mm x 425mm x 4mm thick the foodgrade polystyrene material is only some 104 grams in weight thereby ensuring easy handling of hives.

Importantly, the foundations can withstand the speed of the extractors without breaking down and give a much longer service life than standard materials.

The foodgrade polystyrene material will not warp or breakdown when cleaning in boiling water.

The foundations are not prone to disease carrying and can be placed back into storage or on hives following the honey extraction.

The foundations save time by increasing bee productivity, honey production, hive yield and ease of installation coupled with a long service life expectancy thereby reducing production costs while increasing hive efficiencies.

The foundations are available online in packages of 18 however for large orders with 260 per carton please contact our sales department.


  • Honeycomb surface pattern has been scientifically designed to provide the bees with a ready made foundation for immediate building of combs.
  • Easily worked by the bees
  • 125mm x 425mm x 4mm suitable for half frames
  • 104 grams
  • Food Grade Black Polystyrene